About Me

I am a mom to two handsome boys, Nathan & Noah. They feature quite prominently in this blog, for without them, I will not be a mama today. :) I quit my full time job recently so that I will have more time for the family. At the same time, I started an online store which I operate out of home - Mama Shoppe

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant, I became interested in everything that babies and mommies ever need (and want). From things I can’t do without like diapers, wet wipes and milk, to things that are good to have like baby carriers, strollers, high chairs, cute onesies, electric breast pumps, milk bottles, and even nice-to-haves like brag books, diaper bags with matching diaper mats, mommy & me clothes sets… Each of these items comes in so many different colours, shapes, sizes, brands etc, so many choices for moms and their precious babes. I’m not sure about you… but as a new mom-to-be, I was rather confused. In addition to thinking of a name for my baby, I had so many other things to think about. Which stroller? Which breast pump? How many diapers? Do I actually need that? 

So on this blog, you'd find my thoughts on products that I've tried and loved. I’ll tell you what worked for me, from one mama to another... You'd also read my random musings about bringing up 2 boys and running a business from home. You'd get to read about places we've been to, adventures we've been on... and you might consider bringing your family on a similar adventure to. 

I love to link up with fellow moms. Do leave me a comment or drop me a note. If there are products that you love, places you love to visit, do share with me too. Like you, I only want the best for my babies.