Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!

Dear Noah,

You have been looking forward to your 5th birthday. Even making random notes of who gets to go to your party and who doesn't... Very often based on whether they have been in your good books or bad books. We didn't have a big party this year but still had fun with your dear big brother and your best friends at Safra Toa Payoh and Big Hero Cafe. Such a joy to see your big wide smile.

At the traditional birthday party in school, mommy and daddy had a glimpse of what goes on in your classroom. I was amused to see how you take little responsibilities given to you so seriously, and make every effort to make sure you do a good job. This triat will see you thru life. :)

Since we never ever have enough chocolate cake, we decided to have another one from our favorite Awfully Chocolate. Yums!

5 random facts about you...
1) Loves LEGO minifigures and can spend hours playing with these all by yourself
2) Latest interest in knights. Tried to get us to buy knight toys for Nico so you'd get to play with it too... "Hear that? Nico said 'Knights! Knights! Knights! I think he wants a Knights Playmobil set for his birthday."
3) Favourite shows include Mr Bean and Tom & Jerry. Silly humor.
4) Highly independent, very generous, always full of wise cracks.
5) Favourite food - porridge and eggs.

Happy 5th birthday Noah! I love it when you ask for a hug and a kiss before you sleep, and when you look out 

Love you lots,

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