Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nathan is 6!

We just celebrated Nathan's 6th birthday. A mini celebration in school a week before the actual day, followed by a special day out on the actual day, and then a birthday party with some of his friends from school.

Looking at the photos below, I am reminded of how God has blessed us so richly. Nathan has brought us so much joy. I do miss the toddler him, with chubby cheeks and all, and can't believe that he will be going to Primary 1 next year.

I told Nathan that he gets to choose anything he wants to do on his special day out. He wanted to go swimming and cycling and we were all looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we had to shelf outdoor activities due to the haze, and think up alternatives. We ended up watching Inside Out at the theaters (it was Nico's first movie), having a nice Japanese lunch, playing laser tag and then having fun at the Slides & playgrounds in T3. So thankful that our boys are easy to please. We had so much fun even though we didn't manage to do what we originally planned.

Nathan's birthday is during the Sep school holidays. Last year, we asked him whether he wanted to celebrate with a short holiday abroad or have a birthday party with his friends. It is a difficult choice but Nathan's pretty decisive. Last year, he opted for a holiday and we went to Legoland Malaysia. This year, he decided that he wanted to have a party... Since it was his last year in kindy, I thought it was good to get together with some of his school friends... After much deliberation, we decided to hold the party at The Rock School. We had a blast!

Our party host, Faizal did a great job! He managed 14 feisty kids well and everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.

I got him to fill up a "birthday interview" and was quite amused with some of his responses...

So there, my first born is now 6 years old. He still enjoys taking afternoon naps though I am trying to get him used to not having one since we might not have that luxury once he goes to Primary 1. He is a really sweet older brother and tends to give in to Noah, though he can get cheeky and likes irritating his brothers too. It warms my heart when I catch my two boys huddled in one bed past bedtime, whispering secrets to one another... He enjoys LEGO, rock climbing, playing the piano and swimming. He is looking forward to Primary 1 and all that comes with it... Like getting pocket money and buying his own food.

Dear Nathan,
We thank God for you everyday and continue to pray that you'll grow in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. As you grow older, you'll sometimes find that doing your best isn't good enough to get you the results you desire. Know that mommy & daddy will always be behind you. We pray and trust that God will go before you as you enter Primary 1 next year.
Lots of love,
Mommy & Daddy