Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy 50th Singapore

We celebrated Singapore's birthday a few days ago. Being her 50th, the country had much more planned than in previous years. The boys celebrated with their friends in school...

We went for picnic / carnival at Marina Barrage where there were bouncy castles, train rides, motorized animal rides...

And watched the Black Knights perform in the rain.

We went to a LEGO exhibition...

And watched the fireworks at Fullerton the day before the actual parade.

On National Day itself, we watched the parade from home, though we'd very much like to watch it live, we didn't manage to get any tickets and Nico probably won't be able to appreciate it as much this year. Hopefully we'll get tickets next year.

There were several establishments offering free / discounted entries and we decided to go for a free cable car ride. The rides were supposed to start at 9am. We arrived shortly past 8am, thinking that we'd be early. As it turned out, the queue was snaking long, and the estimated wait time was 1.5 hours! We abandoned the idea of queuing and bought the family pass together...

The boys enjoyed the cable car ride and we checked out the Sands of Time Exhibition and the new Fort Siloso tower.

By the end of the long weekend, my legs were aching from all the walking (probably aggravated cos I was carrying Nico), but we had wonderful memories of a long weekend spent with loved ones and friends.

I am thankful for this country we call home. Thankful for good governance, for safety, for clean air, fresh water and good healthcare, for playgrounds, parks and good schools. Thankful for yummy hawker food that's available almost anytime in the day. Thankful of this place we call home. God bless Singapore!

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