Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sew Fun!

I had the opportunity to attend Sew Fun's Baby Knits class and had fun making a bib and t-shirt for Baby Nico. It was an abridged version of their Sewing Knits: Ready for Baby class. The class was just three hours long on a Saturday afternoon. I was amazed that we could finish making a t-shirt from scratch in such a short time, given that many in the class were first timers. The class is suitable for beginners. So do not fear if the last time you touched a sewing machine was during your home economics class years back.

I enjoy working with the sewing machine although I am not really good, particularly cos I never really learned to do everything the proper way. I love pretty fabrics and I love being able to turn them into the things I want. Noah is now wearing Nathan's clown costume that I made a few years back and my Hungry Caterpillar Pillow Mattress is still being used. 

It was my first time working with knits. Always stayed away because I thought the stretchy nature was hard to handle. I was glad to learn that it wasn't all that difficult, and I need not stick to woven materials all the time.

The instructor started off by introducing us to the sewing machine and teaching us how to thread the machine. Perfect way to start for beginners. Then we went about our first project - a bandana bib.

My sewing machine for the session

It is a simple project to get us acquainted with the machine. Mostly straight lines. Pretty forgiving. Not too daunting.

Bib in progress

Ta dah! A bandana bib for Nico.

Nico's new bandana bib

In the second half of the class, we worked on our t-shirts. No more pictures of the t-shirt in progress cos I was too busy sewing (and unpicking)! But here's the final product...

The class gave me an opportunity to work with knits and I learned that sewing that t-shirt wasn't as difficult as I imagined it to be.

I think it's about time I sweep off the dust on my sewing machine and start using my fabric stash.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hello Baby Nico!

Dear Baby Nico,

You arrived to much fanfare on the 1st day of the lunar new year. At week 38, mommy was getting quite impatient but you seem to be really comfortable in the safe confines of my womb. Carrying you felt tougher than when I was carrying your two kor kors. Probably because mommy's getting older and also because of all the running around I still had to do with your dear brothers. Boy, we were so glad when you finally decided to come out and meet us. We checked into the hospital on the eve of CNY, at about 10pm after tucking your brothers in bed, and you were born shortly before 2am. Daddy didn't even get a chance to warm up the companion arm chair in the labour ward. The labour proceeded swiftly. I remember experiencing excruciating pain and wishing with all my might that it'll be over. I think God knew exactly how much pain I could tolerate, and brought you out to see the world in His time. You ended up being the first baby born by natural birth in the Year of the Goat.

While I managed to write birth stories for your kor kor, and chronicle their first year month by month,  it is a rather daunting task now that there are three of you. BUT, you have the love, hugs and kisses of two loving and protective kor kors, and I'm sure you'd grow up well with their company.

So here's your first six months in pictures...

At birth

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

Thank you card for Aunty Fong

Sleeping thru at 10 weeks old

10 weeks old

3 months olds

Celebrating Aunty Liza's Birthday

4 months old

Reading with kor kors

5 months old

Flipped from tummy to back

First foods

Celebrating Singapore's 50th

Canon Ball?

6 months old

The first month went by in a blur for mommy... you woke up every 2 to 3 hours to feed and the sleep deprivation took a toil on me. When Aunty Fong came, she took care of the night feeds and I got more rest at night. She was such a blessing. Thankfully, you stopped needing to be fed at night shortly after she left, though you still woke up once or twice almost every night, and needed to be soothed back to sleep. It is so much fun when you started smiling and babbling. Your brothers kept asking to hold you and readily helped to care for you. You've brought us so much joy and we can't wait for you to start walking, talking and joining in your brothers' adventures.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy 50th Singapore

We celebrated Singapore's birthday a few days ago. Being her 50th, the country had much more planned than in previous years. The boys celebrated with their friends in school...

We went for picnic / carnival at Marina Barrage where there were bouncy castles, train rides, motorized animal rides...

And watched the Black Knights perform in the rain.

We went to a LEGO exhibition...

And watched the fireworks at Fullerton the day before the actual parade.

On National Day itself, we watched the parade from home, though we'd very much like to watch it live, we didn't manage to get any tickets and Nico probably won't be able to appreciate it as much this year. Hopefully we'll get tickets next year.

There were several establishments offering free / discounted entries and we decided to go for a free cable car ride. The rides were supposed to start at 9am. We arrived shortly past 8am, thinking that we'd be early. As it turned out, the queue was snaking long, and the estimated wait time was 1.5 hours! We abandoned the idea of queuing and bought the family pass together...

The boys enjoyed the cable car ride and we checked out the Sands of Time Exhibition and the new Fort Siloso tower.

By the end of the long weekend, my legs were aching from all the walking (probably aggravated cos I was carrying Nico), but we had wonderful memories of a long weekend spent with loved ones and friends.

I am thankful for this country we call home. Thankful for good governance, for safety, for clean air, fresh water and good healthcare, for playgrounds, parks and good schools. Thankful for yummy hawker food that's available almost anytime in the day. Thankful of this place we call home. God bless Singapore!