Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Primary 1 Registration

I was feeling rather emotional when it came to filling up the registration form. My first born is starting formal education next year. He has been looking forward to it and I am also feeling rather excited about this new beginning. And yet, I cannot bear to have him grow up so quickly.

Coincidentally, registration day fell on our wedding anniversary. D was planning to take leave so we could go back to his alma mater to process Nathan's registration... Then proceed for a nice breakfast before picking the boys up from school. Unfortunately, a biz trip cropped up and I ended up having to do the registration myself.

The process was pretty quick and fuss free. Other than some people I expected to meet, I also saw a couple who attended an antenatal class with us almost 6 years ago. It was the only antenatal class we attended, cos after one round, we were quite the experts. Hee!

After registration, I walked around the school grounds and snapped some pictures for Nathan. Also popped into the school bookshop to buy a little gift for Nathan - a jotter book with the school crest. There, I saw the bookshop bookshop aunty up-selling to the boys...

Aunty: Do you want to buy this mechanical pencil? It's NEW!

Was rather tickled by it. Got to teach Nathan how to say no, lest he gets tempted and ends up spending his recess money at the book shop.

Nathan's really looking forward to Primary 1. Noah on the other hand, seemed rather sad... When I picked them up from school, Noah asked, " Is today Kor Kor's last day in SJ? He goes to Primary 1 tomorrow?"

Noah is not the only one who's glad that it's not happening tomorrow. I am not ready to wake up at 6am every weekday... Not just yet.