Friday, April 17, 2015

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

I heard about B&J's FCD from a fellow mum at school. I contemplated bringing Nathan on a special one-on-one date when Noah was attending chinese class. I knew it was something he'd enjoy and yet I was thinking twice as it meant leaving the baby home with the helper for a longer time... Ever since the baby was born, I find myself rushing from place to place and trying to be home as quickly as possible so as to relieve the helper from baby care duties. At the same time, I do feel guilty about not being able to spend more time with the older boys. After much deliberation, I decided to make the detour after picking Nathan up from his enrichment class. I didn't tell him where we were going... I was thinking of abandoning the plan if I could not find a place to park or if the queue was too long. Didn't want him to be disappointed should that happen. Thankfully we found a parking space near the tents that they had set up for FCD. It was only after I had stopped the car that Nathan asked me where we were going. "They are giving out free ice-creams. We can get one if the queue isn't too long". His eyes lit up and he gave me a big smile when he heard the good news.

We made our way to the tents and as he saw the signages from a distance, he said, "over there mommy!"

With a skip and a hop in our steps, we headed for the queue... Nathan looked me in the eye and said, "thank you mommy". Those three words did it for me.  On days when motherhood is taking a toll on me, that was all I needed to hear.

Thank you B&J! It was a simple date that refueled both our love tanks. :)

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