Saturday, February 14, 2015

2014 in pictures

When I wrote 2013 in pictures about a year back, I had grand plans of drafting out this post that I'm currently writing and updating it month by month so I'd have something ready by the time 2015 rolls around... Well, that grand plan did not materialise, and now... in the middle of February 2015, I'm finally ready with this...

The biggest change to the start of the year has to be Noah starting N1. Thankfully, he settled into the new environment and new routine really quickly and looks forward to going to school everyday.

My baby brother is in St James too!

A month of celebrations with Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and my birthday.

Dong Dong Qiang!

Valentine's Day picnic at Garden's By the Bay

We celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday with a short staycation at Rasa Sentosa. This boy loves hotels and bath tubs and this was a present he really enjoyed.

Building sand castles with his brother

We also celebrated daddy's birthday the same month with a cake that the boys helped to bake.

Happy birthday daddy!

Nathan started swim lessons at the beginning of the year and passed his first swim test this month. He looks forward to swim class every week. :)

WOO HOO! I passed!

Every Mother's Day, I'm reminded that I'm so blessed to have these boys in my life...

That same month, Nathan performed in a violin concert. I am one proud mama.

It's the school holidays and we spent almost two weeks in Macau and Hong Kong. Family holidays are precious... I like how it takes us away from our daily routine and distractions, to spend time as a family...

Cable car ride to Ngong Ping

Dong Dong Qiang!

Family devotions

Napping on the go...

Planning our route

Disneyland :)

Riding a flying elephant

Meeting Pooh bear

Holidays are so much fun!

And because holidays are so much fun, we went on another one with our church friends. Bintan we went...

The sun, the sea and the sand with a great bunch of friends

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and found out that we were expecting baby no.3!

I thank God for you every single day!

We managed to get tickets to the National Day Parade Preview. Woo hoo!

It is always a bitter sweet feeling for me, when my boys' birthdays roll around. I can't bear having them grow up so quickly! Nathan's 5th birthday...

Celebrating Nathan's birthday at Legoland

Two milestones for our just-turned-5 Nathan.

First, he learned to cycle on two wheels.

Second, he scored a distinction in his first violin exam.

First Violin Exam

Seems like the school year zoomed by so quickly. This photo was taken on the last day of school. Nathan's done with K1 and going on to his final year in kindy. Noah's done with his first year in kindy, and moving on to N2 next year. We're so thankful that the boys enjoy school and look forward to it everyday.

I love my brother!

A busy month with the highlight being our family holiday to Koh Samui. We admired God's creation, rode on an elephant, soaked in bath tubs, built sand castles, basked in the sun, and swam naked (just the two small boys) in a private jacuzzi.

Intercontinental Hotel, Koh Samui

Bath tub buddies

Dearest D,

Reflecting on the year that has gone by, I am once again filled with thankfulness for God's manifold blessings on us. It is my third year as a stay home mom. It is such a joy, privilege and blessing to spend almost all my waking moments with our boys, and I am convinced that my calling this season is to be a stay home mom. Thanks for working so hard so I can fulfil my calling as a mother. Know that you are greatly loved and appreciated.


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