Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good night! I love you!

For as long as I can remember, I would lie beside Nathan / Noah's bed after lights out, waiting for them to fall asleep before I returned to my own room. Some nights, I'd be so tired, I end up falling asleep in their room.

Nathan was fine if I went out of his room before he fell asleep, but Noah would start calling for me if he realizes that I am not there. As it was getting quite uncomfortable for me lying on the bean bags / pillows in their room with my bulging tummy, I decided that before the year ended, I'd return to my room immediately after lights out.

So today, I talked to Noah about it in the afternoon, and again in the evening.

Me: We'd read bedtime stories, pray, hug and kiss... Then mommy's going to my room to sleep. If you need something, you can ask kor kor for help... But I think you'll be fine, cos you're a big boy now. Is that okay?

Noah: Okay.

I was kinda surprised that he didn't protest. So to make sure he understood me... I asked...

Me: So after our good night hugs & kisses, where is mommy going to go?

Noah: Downstairs. And I will sleep with kor kor... When it is morning, I will see you again.

Brilliant! And we did just that tonight! With no fussing at all.

Am glad that it was so easy... But feeling that tinge of sadness cos my boys are growing up that little bit more... Reminds me of the time when Nathan first slept thru the night.