Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fish @ Big Splash

Nathan has read books and seen pictures of people fishing and he asked if we could go fishing together. The first and only time I went fishing was some 15 years back... I remembered that we boarded a boat off changi jetty and spent many hours under the hot sun. After a long day, we caught a few cat fish. I didn't think he'd enjoy such an experience. As such, I said we'd go when he is older.

Sometime later, he told me, "mommy, do you know that if we bought a fishing rod, we'd never have to buy fish ever again?" I was quite tickled by that statement, but I knew exactly what was going on in his head.

I chanced upon Fish @ Big Splash on the web, and thought it'd be a good idea to check it out. We went last week, and had a great time.

For $22, we were provided with a fishing rod and bait, and taught how to cast our line in the salt water pond. Nathan was thrilled. It was his first attempt at fishing. 

Within 5 minutes, he caught his very first fish! According to Gordan (the person who runs the place), $22 guarantees that you'd be able to bring a fish home. If you fail to catch one that day, you can return to try again the next day... and the next... Until you catch a fish. But he's sure that you won't return empty handed the first time round. Since Nathan's maiden attempt at fishing ended in last then 5 minutes, Gordon was so nice to let him have another go at no additional charge, provided we threw the second fish that we caught back into the pond. It took us a while longer to catch the second fish and Nathan was getting rather bored. I suppose we didn't give him an accurate experience of how fishing was actually like, but at least, he got to use a fishing rod. :P

Noah wasn't too interested in fishing and asked to feed the rabbits instead. It was his first time feeding rabbits and it was nice having the rabbits chomp down eagerly on the greens that he was holding.

Next, we proceeded to feed fish. As we approached the pond, the fish started swimming near the edge as if they knew that breakfast was about to be served. What a sight!

Fish @ Big Splash also offers prawning, fish spa and longkang fishing.

We saw a good number of people catching prawns when we were there. I heard that there are lobsters in the same pond, and you'd get to bring the lobsters home if you manage to catch them!

Longkang fishing is popular with kids and adults who want to relive their childhood days. You are allowed to take off your shoes and wade in the ankle deep water to catch your fish. For $12, you'd get a net and given an hour to fish. It looks so much fun and we'll probably be back to try this out.

We had a great time at Fish @ Big Splash and recommend that you check it out someday! As we prepared to leave, Gordan packed the two fish that Nathan caught for dinner that night. It was a pleasant surprise that he decided to gift us the second fish as well. :)

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