Friday, August 1, 2014

Sentosa Skyline Luge

I won some tickets to the Sentosa Skyline Luge and decided to take the boys there during the Hari Raya holiday. Nathan was thrilled. He remembered going on the ride sometime back, and was really excited about getting on it again. Noah had gone on it once, but doesn't quite remember it. When he first saw the sky ride and the luge, he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to go on it.

It was only after I told him that we'll all get to ride together, that he decided that he wants to go, since he'll get to hold my hand.

And hold my hand he did. The moment the man plonked him on the sky ride, he held on to my hand for dear life... "Mommy, hold my hand! If not, I will fall down". We enjoyed the scenic ride and I was glad that the boys are finally old enough for us to do this together.

Then came the luge... As the boys weren't old enough to ride by themselves, Dean rode tandem with Nathan, while I rode tandem with Noah.

Noah was ever so cautious, and kept asking me to slow down. "Slow down, mommy!" And when I kept at the same pace, he raised his voice, thinking I didn't hear him earlier... "Slow down! Mommy!"

We went on the sky ride and luge twice, and I was just thinking about how the first time we came, Nathan wasn't tall enough to ride. When we came back some time later, Nathan was tall enough, but not Noah. So we took turns riding with Nathan. And now... they are both tall enough. I am not looking forward to having them tall enough to ride on the luge alone just yet. Babies, don't grow up so quick!

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