Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making a Parachute

After watching the red lions at this year's national day parade, my boys have been rather fascinated with parachutes. Yesterday, Nathan was trying to convince me to make a parachute for him.

Nathan: If I have a parachute, I can use it just like the red lions... Can you make one for me? Mommy?

He went on to list materials that he thinks we might need. String. Scotch tape. Plastic cling wrap. He probably has a rough idea of how he's going to assemble it, but not quite. Hence, needing to convince me to help him.

Me: I don't know how to make a parachute... And seriously, the parachute you make will not work like the red lions'.

Nathan: Mommy, just take you phone and type in... "How to make a parachute"... Then a video will appear with instructions.

Did my 4 year old son just ask me to use google? Google didn't exist when I was 14... Much less, when I was 4. I miss those pre-google days.

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