Monday, June 16, 2014

Drink Your Coffee While Its Hot

A few weekends ago, my boys and I were at the airport, sending daddy off for a work trip. It was a Sunday evening and the boys were sad that daddy wasn't going to be at home the coming week. After sending daddy off, I took them to the playground at Changi Airport T3, just to cheer them up a little before making our way home. When we finally got to the car at the airport carpark...

Nathan: Why does daddy have to go to work?

Me: We discussed this before. Do you remember why?

Nathan thinks for a moment...

Nathan: Mommy, does all your money come from daddy?

That question tugged at my heart strings... As much as I had made the choice to be a SAHM, I do miss the corporate world. I miss being a part of project teams, I miss earning my own keep, I miss the satisfaction that comes with doing a job well... I miss lunches with colleagues and the occasional trip abroad...

After tucking them in bed, I picked up this book to read before turning in. As I read, my spirits were lifted.

I found morsels of truths and practical advice in this easy to read book... In fact, I finished the entire book that night. I could identify with many of the experiences cited in the book and found Joyce's practical tips helpful.

"You are irreplaceable. You are the only mum your children will have. And, every mum is the best one there is for her child, by divine appointment.

Just as coffee is best drunk while it's hot, we should savour the experiences we have with our children at each stage of their lives. You can always brew another cup of coffee if that first cup has turned cold because you were too busy to drink it when it was hot. But with a child, once you miss the window of opportunity to love and cherish him, that moment is forever lost".

- Foreword by Felicia Soo

I was reminded once again that motherhood is a gift from God above. God has blessed me with two adorable boys, and I am priviledged to have this responsibility of nurturing them. 

Do you get discouraged in your journey as a mother? How about taking some time out... enjoy a cuppa and read this book by Joyce Ewing-Chow. Armour Publishing is giving two copies of this book to my blog readers. To win a copy for yourself, follow the directions below.

Drink Your Coffee While It's Hot can be purchased from Armour Publishing through their online store.
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  1. There isnt one rule fit all, every kids is different even though they are from the same upbringing.

  2. Kids learn from us, but we also need to learn from them.
    Learning the simple joys and happiness in their world and to slow down at times in life. We are usually caught telling kids to hurry up. Guess they do have their perspective which are beneficial to us too.

  3. I have been toying with the idea to be a SAHM, even as I count down the days to the birth of my second boy. But like you said, I do not know if I am totally mentally and emotionally prepared to give up earning my own keep, having adult conversations with colleagues, the occasional work trip....I really dont know....

  4. Would love to read this's been a while since I can get a chance to sit and enjoy a read. Haiz!

  5. Learnt to be patience and more understanding towards my children

  6. Sounds like a good book to read :)