Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nathan's 2nd Violin Concert

It has been almost a year since Nathan's first violin concert. Today, he was wearing the exact same outfit from a year back. The pants are getting a little too short and the vest is also slightly too small... outfit aside, I'd like to think that he's improved. :) He played two songs today - Mattachins and Daisy Bell. The first piece was a duet with a friend (who happens to be the daughter of my secondary school mate) and the second, a solo piece. Both songs are ABRSM Grade 1 exam pieces; he'll be taking his very first exam in September.

To celebrate a job well done, Nathan got to decide where to go for dinner. His choice... Omakase Burger for the cheese fries!

It has been a joy learning the violin with him and I hope he'll always enjoy making beautiful music.


  1. hihi may i know where your boy is taking violin? my boy (just turn 4) is keen on picking up the instrument :)

    1. Hi, my son started off at Mac's Music School... and has since moved on to private lessons at home. Drop me an email if you have more questions. :)