Friday, February 28, 2014

Exercises for busy moms?

I've been thinking of getting an exercise routine going for quite a while. The key word here is THINKING. Yes... it is almost March and I'm still thinking.

I went for a full body medical examination at the beginning of the year. So it was the usual blood tests, urine tests, ultrasounds of various kinds, eye tests... and then there was this machine that was able to measure my mass and determine my body fat percentage. My body fat percentage is 30.8%, and this is 0.8% above the normal range. So the doctor finds out that I haven't been exercising "much". She says I should exercise more, not to lose weight but to convert my fat into muscles. My exercise routine (if I may even call it a routine) last year consisted of Fly Yoga and Tennis on a weekly basis (that is either Fly Yoga OR Tennis each week, not both). Other times, I was just running after my boys, and I thought that was enough exercise for me. Apparently not.

And so... I started thinking up options... join a gym, resume tennis, workout on my own at home etc... I was thinking of fitting in one or at most two exercise sessions a week. Three weeks passed... and while I was still THINKING, I received the official report... It reads...

"Your body fat percentage is more than 30%. This will increase your risk of getting diseases like hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease and gout etc. You should start on an exercise routine... Ideal exercise targets: Frequency: at least 5x a week; Intensity: at least 70% of max heart rate; Type: Mixed aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises; Time: at least 30 mins per session".

I was thinking of maximum two times a week and this is telling me at least 5 times! I better get off my butt and start exercising now!

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