Monday, January 13, 2014

Noah starts Nursey 1

Noah turns 3 in two months, and he started school 'proper' last week. It is his fourth day in his new school today, and he went into class all by himself, no fussing, no tears. :) I am so glad that he's settling in so easily.

I sat in with him the first three days... He moved from table to table, playing with the various toys that the teachers have laid out, and waited patiently for his turn if something he wanted is not available. 

And since he loves to eat, he loves snack time. Scooping the coco krunch with his spoon, one coco krunch at a time. When he finished everything in his plate, he asked for a second helping. Then he got himself a cup of milo. Gulped down the whole cup (without spilling). :) He even knew that he had to return his cup and plate to the pail when he is done.

As with most kids, he loves going to the playground. Especially the one that his big brother has been talking about all the time.

He looks forward to going to school each  day...
Noah: Mommy, where are we going today?
Me: To school.
Noah: Yay! School is so fun!

I hope he'll continue to have this attitude towards going to school even when he grows older.

I am thankful that Noah settled into school so easily, and hope that he'll enjoy learning and playing with his teachers and friends.

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