Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lapbook: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Nathan and I are working on a lapbook about Chinese New Year. Since we'll be celebrating it next week, I thought it'll be a good idea for him to have a better idea of the legends and traditions associated with this Chinese festival. 

It begins with the story of Nian, which explains certain traditions we follow - like wearing red, beating drums and playing with fire crackers.

Next, I introduced the concept of ordinal numbers through the zodiac story. The story included in the lap book is an abridge version of the 'actual' story. Check out The Great Race by Dawn Casey for the full version of the story. It's a great read!

I've also included some chinese greetings that I am getting him to learn and use when Chinese New Year comes around.

The concept of odd and even numbers was introduced when we touched on red packets. Children grasp the odd/even concept quite easily when we get them to think of it in terms of pairs.

The Chinese New Year lapbook is available as a printable file. Feel free to print  and use it. We printed ours on A4, and I trimmed the borders slightly to paste them on A3 cardstock. I folded the A3 in half, put staples in the middle, and ta dah... a book! Have fun and 新年快乐!

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