Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HSBC Treetop Walk

Daddy decided to bring the boys for a hike on the very first day of 2014. We parked at the Venus Drive carpark, and started walking towards the TreeTop Walk at 10am. The distance from Venus Drive to the entrance of the TreeTop Walk is 2.5km (about 1 hour walk) as opposed to 4.5km if you started from MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Thankfully, we had good weather thru out the 3 hour hike... Yes, with two toddlers in tow, it took us 3 hours, to and fro. The boys walked on their own most of the way, and were really tired by the end of it. 

It was dirt tracks most of the way, but a pretty easy climb even for kids. Noah was rather disturbed by the mud tracks initially... "this place is so messy"! But he enjoyed the bits where he got to step on tree stumps and jump from the last plank of every flight of steps.

Daddy leading the way

Stepping on tree stumps

Trial was clearly marked with signs at appropriate intervals


A much needed water break

Almost there... just 400metres...

After walking for about 1 hour, we finally arrived at the TreeTop Walk. :)


Fascinated with the suspended bridge

The view from the top

The trek back to the starting point took another 1+ hours. Although the walk back was slightly easier as there were steps made of wooden planks, I think we took longer as we were all pretty tired by then. 

It was my second time going to the TreeTop walk (first went there with Dean when it first opened some 10 years ago) and I am not sure when we'll be doing it again. When we finally got to the car, I asked the boys if they'd like to come again, both of them said "no"! We had fun, enjoyed the fresh air, but were so so tired!

Opening Hours: 
Tue to Fri: 9am-5pm 
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 8.30am-5pm 
The TreeTop Walk gate will be closed at 5pm. Visitors are advised to start hiking towards the bridge by 4.45pm from Ranger Station to avoid disappointment. 
Closed on Mondays except public holidays for maintenance and research.

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