Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Playground at Watten Estate

We have found our favorite playground! It is shady, has lots of seating areas for moms, boasts a sand play area, a web climbing structure, swings, slides, a flying fox, more climbing structures, lots of green grass just for running around... It is big yet small enough for me to watch my boys from a bench. The play areas are kinda separated so I don't have kids trying to run in-front or behind the swings... Even though they were quite a few kids playing at the same time, it didn't feel crowded. And I liked how there was stuff for both the big kids and the little kids. :)

Today, I sat there reading a book while my boys built sand castles for an hour! Bliss!

Pack your sand play toys, a picnic... Bring along a good book, and enjoy! It is near the junction of Hillcrest Road and Watten Estate Road.

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