Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doctor for a Day

Nathan took part in Mount Elizabeth Novena's Doctor for a Day program several months back and had a great time. If you have kids aged 5 to 10 years old, sign them up!

The entire program took about 90 minutes and the children were led through five different stations, where there had a glimpse into the life of a medical professional. They actually got scrubs sized just for the kids, take a look at these mini doctors... 

Mini scrubs

At the General Practitioner station, the kids got to use instruments that they usually saw at the doctor's office, like a thermometer and a stethoscope. I haven't even heard what my heart sounds like thru a stethoscope, and Nathan got a chance to do that...

Hearing his heart-beat thru a stethoscope

At the nursing room, the kids learnt how to care for a newborn baby. The girls were generally quite enthusiastic, and enjoyed 'cleaning' the fake babies. The boys on the other hand, were busy giggling away.

Wiping the baby's bum

At the A&E, they learnt how to perform simple first aid, and had a go at bandaging their fellow doctor trainees.

Getting his arm bandaged by a fellow "doctor"

At the operating theatre, they had to operate on a man who smoked too much.

Removing "cancers" from Mr Smoke-too-much's lungs

All in a day's work!
Dr Nathan
With his fellow 'trainees'

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