Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Review: Emily Lim's Picture Books

I first picked up Emily Lim's picture books before I even had kids. I was drawn to the beautiful illustrations and I liked how Emily has cleverly woven life lessons into the stories so simply and beautifully. I have since introduced four of her most popular books to my boys, and we've read them countless times. These 4 books have been recently been reprinted and made Penpal Whizz compatible. The narrations made the words come alive and the boys get to play simple games with their Penpal Whizz.

Bunny Finds the Right Stuff
Bunny Finds the Right Stuff tells the story of an unhappy bunny who did not like the way he looked. He found himself flat footed, floppy and short of stuffing. He went about searching for ways to fill himself up but ends up in a big mess, causing him to feel even more blue.

His friends learnt of his predicament and went about helping to make him feel better. Children read about how bunny's friends rallied around him and went about giving a little bit of themselves to cheer him up. A heart warming story about friendship that many young ones can relate to.

Prince Bear & Pauper Bear
Pauper bear lived in a toy shop. He was poorly stitched, his eyes did not match, he was forgotten and unloved. He longed to be picked up by a child who would love him and play with him. Prince bear on the other hand was well stitched and wore a crown. He thought highly of himself and was also looking forward to the day that someone would buy him and bring him home. A couple of days before Christmas, a little girl came to the toy shop and brought Prince bear to her lovely big house. Pauper bear looked on sadly. Soon after, a little boy who did not have much money came by and asked to buy a teddy bear. The shop keeper gave him Pauper bear for free.

We read about how the lives of Prince bear and Pauper bear changed as they entered the house of the girl and boy. A story about love, friendship and a boy with a big heart.

Just Teddy
Just teddy was made by a master toy maker in a toy factory. He often thought he was different from the other toys in the factory and tried hard to fit in with everyone else. His journey of finding himself brought him into the arms of a little girl who loved him just the way he was. 

In this story, children learn that each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made, and special in our very own way. There is no need to change the way we look to fit in, because we are all "one-of-a-kind".

The Tale of Rusty Horse
Rusty horse was an old rocking horse that was forgotten by everyone. He used to be a favourite with the children but now that he is old and rusty, no one really wanted to ride on him anymore. That made him really sad. He longed to be a real horse so he can take children on horse-back rides. One day he met a fairy who granted his wish... he became a real horse! Read about Rusty's adventure in this delightful book.

Emily Lim will be giving away 4 of her books to 2 of my blog readers (2 books for each reader). To enter, simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below:

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Emily Lim's books are available at: 

Kinokuniya Bookstores
Popular Bookstores
MPH Bookstore (Raffles City) 
Tango Mango (Tanglin Mall) 
Big Bookshop (Harbourfront) 
OG Albert Rainbow Shop (Robinson Road) 
Attic Pals (Tanglin Mall) 
Smart Alley (Centrepoint & Changi Point)


  1. I would like to win Bunny Finds the Right Stuff and The Tale of Rusty Horse please :)

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  10. We have Prince Bear and Pauper Bear and love the simple story about friendship and loyalty, the beautiful pictures and the fact that it was written by a local author! Would love to win any of her other three books listed here. Cheers.

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