Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park

The Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is Nathan's favourite attraction in Bali. I liked it too! Nestled in Bali's Botanical Garden in Bedugul, where the weather was nice and cool, we spent a good two hours there. Noah was too short to participate, but he had fun roaming the gardens under the watchful eyes of our friendly driver. Kids had to be about 4 years old and at least 110cm tall (raised hand height) to participate.

The adventure park had a total of 7 circuits constructed using the trees in the park as support. The height of the circuits ranged from 2 to 20 metres and it was refreshing that we got to have a bird's eye view of the park. There were patrol guides to advise/assist us, but we hardly needed any help. Each of us had two carabiners and a pulley (for the flying foxes) attached to our safety harness. At any one time, at least one carabiner would be attached to a life-line support. The instructions were simple. Each time we arrived at a new junction, there would either be red markers or blue markers. If we saw a red marker, we attached one carabiner on the support. If there were two red markers, we attached both our carabiners on the support. The blue marker tells us to attach our pulley. The park is well maintained and this activity is safe (even for kids).

The three of us conquered the first two circuits together - squirrel yellow and squirrel green circuits. I went first, Nathan followed behind me and Dean was last. This way, I could help Nathan to secure his carabiners and show him which way to go, and Dean could help him from the back if he needed help. Thru this activity, Nathan experienced what it means to work as a team and to look out for one another.

There are a total of over 70 challenges in the entire adventure park. These are some of those we conquered. 

Wood Ladder

Foot Bridge

Trunk Crossing

Fishing net

Fox's hole

Elephant's steps

Climbing wall

Nepalese bridge

Railway bridge

Giant steps

Swinging logs

I was surprised that Nathan was not afraid of being so high up, standing on the logs that were swinging left and right. He had a bit of difficulty with one of the obstacles - the swinging logs, as they were too far apart. The patrol guide asked Dean to help Nathan by moving the log that Nathan is standing on forward, so he can actually step on the next one. A very helpful tip! Other than that, Nathan completed all the other obstacles pretty much on his own. Strangely, Nathan found the flying fox the most challenging, when I thought that should be one of the easiest. 

Dean and I continued on another circuit without Nathan as he was too short to reach the life line. I would have loved to complete all the circuits, but since Nathan wasn't able to participate in the rest, and we didn't want to have them waiting for too long, we only managed to complete 3 out of the 7 circuits. We might return when Noah is older, and hopefully, he'll be brave enough to participate like Nathan.

The cool weather and fresh air made this a very pleasant activity. I love the varied challenges and it is nice that Nathan was able to complete the two squirrel circuits. I can imagine getting all hot, sticky and sweaty if we were to do something like that in Singapore. 

While you are at Bedugul, I recommend stopping by Strawberry Stop. It is a home style restaurant serving simple home cooked food. We had lunch at Strawberry Stop right before we visited the Bali Treetop Adventure Park. Main courses are about US$5. We really enjoyed the strawberry juice. Made from the freshest and juiciest strawberries that are grown in the strawberry farm sited in the same compound. Merti's (our driver) family owns this restaurant and strawberry farm, and we got a private tour of the farm. Noah loves strawberries and was thrilled that he got to eat them right off the stem. It is just opposite the Ulun Danu temple. Just look for the big bottle by the road side.

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  1. Bookmarking this for my Bali trip in May next year! GIven how my girl is so daring, this will be right up her alley.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Susan! I'm sure you'll have fun at the Bali Tree Top Adventure Park. Will be writing about some other stuff we enjoyed in Bali... Check back in the next few weeks!