Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nathan's First School Project

Nathan's pre-school spends one term doing project work every year. The children learn to work as a team on a topic that is chosen by the teachers.

Phase 1 - Brainstorming, questioning, discussing & planning
Phase 2 - Investigating, interviewing & field trip
Phase 3 - Selecting, compiling information & presentation

The theme assigned to his class with 'flowers'. I planned a few simple mini projects for him to work on during the June holidays. We had fun visiting Gardens by the Bay, learning about how plants grow, making flowers out of recyclced materials and even planting our own sunflowers and balsam.

In school, they got to work on more craft projects. I am amazed at how the teachers have made use of recycled materials like egg cartons, straws and bottles to create unique handicrafts. The classroom that was decorated with all their work was a lovely sight. Nathan particularly enjoyed the excursion where he visited the Orchid Garden with his friends.

To conclude, an open house was planned to showcase the children's work. Parents got to view their children's masterpieces and watch a 'mini concert' put up by the children.

This video montage documents Nathan's very first school project. I am thankful that I get to be a large part of his learning journey as a stay home mom. Really enjoyed the 'mini concert'... Nathan came to give me a hug when it ended, and I was fighting to hold back tears. Well done son!

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  1. Very beautiful Ling. You, Dean and the boys are blessed. So are all around you :)
    P.S. even I was fighting to hold back tears watching the video!