Monday, July 1, 2013

Tommee Tippee DECT Digital Monitor

My boys have been sleeping in their own cots since birth, and in their own rooms from the time they were 4 to 5 months old. When they first came home from the hospital, we placed the baby cot in our bedroom just so that it'll be easier for me to feed them when they woke up for their night feeds and also easier for me to check on them when they were sleeping. When they were 10 to 12 weeks old, they stopped needing to feed at night. Thank God! About a month after that, we moved the cot to their own bedroom. The transition was pretty easy as they've always slept in their own cot, and it was just a matter of getting used to sleeping in a different room - not a room they were unfamliar with since we usually played there in the day.

Nathan sleeping in his own room at 5 months old

I like the arrangement of each of us having our own beds. We didn't have to worry about squashing them when they were small, or them kicking us in their sleep when they got older. We could stay up to read or unwind in bed while the kids slept in their own rooms. All of us got a good night's rest. Perfect!

This arrangement was made possible with technology - baby monitors! 

The Tommee Tippee DECT digital sensor pad monitor has a long range of 300m. The child unit is placed on a bookshelf beside Noah's bed and the parent unit is placed on my side table. Even though our bedrooms are not located on the same floor, we did not encounter any coverage issues. I was able to hear sounds coming from Noah's room clearly without any interference. The long range means that moms can carry on with their daily housework. Just carry the parent unit and move around the house with ease. If you ever move out of range, there is an out of range indicator that will alert you.

Child Unit

Parent Unit

When Noah woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, I could hear him fussing from my room, and could go over and comfort him. In the mornings, he'd usually wake up bright and chirpy... and holler "mommy, daddy" or "mommy, milk please"! There is a talk back function I could use on the parent unit to let him know that I'd be over shortly. No need for me to holler. Nice!

In addition to that, there is a sensor pad which is to be placed under the baby's mattress. The sensor pad detects baby's every movement and an alert is sent to the parent unit if no movement is detected in 20 seconds. This is especially useful for newborns. I remember waking up several times at night in the first few months just to check that the boys were breathing.

The monitor also measures the room temperature and has a night light which you can use when you need to check on the baby.

If you plan on having your bed to yourself, even after the kids come along, a baby monitor is a must and I recommend the Tommee Tippee DECT Digital Sensor Pad Monitor. Available at Mothercare in Singapore.

Disclaimer: I received a Tommee Tippee DECT Digital Sensor Pad Monitor for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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