Saturday, July 6, 2013

Siam Ocean World

We spent the second day of our Bangkok vacation at Siam Ocean World. Located at Siam Paragon, it is a 15 minute walk from our hotel. We chose this attraction as daddy needed to work and I'd mostly be alone with the kids. This underground aquarium is located at the basement of a big shopping mall, and easy for me to navigate with the children. We took the sky bridge which links all the major shopping centres together, much like the underpass in Orchard Road, just that this runs above the roads. The sky bridge is stroller friendly except for a flight of about 4 steps just as we are about to enter Siam Paragon. Tickets are available at the door. But if you plan in advance, you can get tickets at close to half the price from a third party site as I found out from Princess Dana Diaries. You do need to book your tickets at least 24 hours before your visit.

Sky Bridge from our hotel to Siam Paragon

Fascinated by a fake giant crab

I liked how they had many shows scheduled throughout the day. We managed to catch all the shows and thought that they were pretty well done. The shows are conducted in dual language - English & Thai, catering to the majority of the visitors. We watched scuba divers feed sharks and were wondering why the sharks weren't really all that keen on the frozen tuna they were fed... we were later told that it was mating season, and hence, they weren't quite as keen on feeding as they normally would be. We also managed to see otters and penguins feeding. I liked being able to see them in 'action' rather than hardly moving in their enclosures. Nothing like seeing them gobble down their food enthusiastically.

Shark feeding


Otter Feeding

Penguin Feeding

The aquarium is filled with over 30,000 sea creatures from various regions around the world. In addition to seeing the creatures in their tanks and thru the tunnels, we had a behind the scenes tour in the form of a glass bottom boat ride. It is nice to have a different perspective on what goes on inside the aquarium, just to keep it going on a daily basis.

Look at the fishes!

Communicating with a scuba diver

A seahorse

Love how they are holding hands

Life jackets to be safe

Behind the scenes tour

We spot a shark beneath our glass bottom boat

We found a mini playground within the oceanarium and the boys were thrilled. They spent some time having a good run around the playground.

A special tuk-tuk

Half time - a quick nap

In addition to the above, there was fish reflexology (which we didn't try) as well as a 4D movie. I liked these fridge activities as they helped to dissipate the crowd... everyone gets to take part in different activities at various different locations within the ocean park at their own time, and we generally did not have to jostle with a crowd. All these fridge activities are included in the ticket price if you buy the package. 

The place is completely stroller friendly, and I was able to navigate the grounds with two kids in a stroller really easily. Thumbs up for a family friendly attraction. We enjoyed our visit!

This is part 2 of a series detailing our child-friendly holiday to Bangkok. Stayed tuned for part 3, where we'll tell you how much fun we had at Kidzania!


  1. Hi, can i ask how do u walk from your hotel to the Ocean world? Do you think it is advisable to visit ocean world in the evening ard 6plus? I understand it closes at 9pm.

    1. Hi, there is a sky walk that links Siam Paragon (where Ocean World is located) to where we were staying. We spent a good 5 hours plus at Ocean World. I'm not sure if you'd be able to see everything you'd like to see in just 3 hours.