Friday, June 21, 2013

Kids learn from kids

We have been to playgrounds with fireman poles a few times... Nathan hasn't been keen on trying those even with daddy's help. I suppose he has always been quite cautious, and wasn't quite as confident since he can't quite see where he's going to land. He's watched the older kids do it, he's watched younger ones do it... he's tried with daddy's help... but usually after the first try, he'd not want to repeat it in that same playground session.

Last weekend, we had dinner at Marche at 313 Somerset. There is a small playground in the restaurant, and Noah loves it because it looks like a house. He keeps telling the other kids at the playground that it is his house.

And there is a fireman pole as well... As expected, Nathan wasn't all that keen on sliding down the pole. Noah observed other kids sliding down the pole, and decided to give it a go. It was his first time down the fireman pole, and I helped by holding on to him. He enjoyed it... and kept going, again and again!

Nathan watched his brother, and saw that he was having so much fun.

Nathan: Mommy, why is Noah going again and again?
Me: He likes it! I think it is a lot of fun! Want to try?
Nathan: No.

Noah continues going...

Nathan: Mommy, why is it that Noah can do it?
Me: Noah is not afraid to try. Doesn't it look like he's doing a good job?
Nathan: Yes.
Me: Want to try?

After a while, he decides to give it a go... without any persuasion from me... and he managed!

He was delighted and says he's ready to try the fireman pole at another playground we frequent.

Watching his brother actually encouraged him to try something he's always been hesitant about. I am glad that they have each other to learn from, and hope that they'll continue to learn from each other.

On another note, kids are pretty capable of sorting themselves out when there is a disagreement... often, they are fussing to get your attention. Sometimes, I pretend that I am not interested in their argument or can't hear what they are saying... and let them sort themselves out...

One morning, both of them were drinking milk in Nathan's room. I decided to take a quick shower... just as I got started, I heard Noah fussing.

Me: What's going on? Have you finished your milk?

Nathan: Noah wants Colin (one of his stuff toys).

They were fighting over a toy. More fussing...

Me: I can't hear you... *proceeds to turn on the shower*

More fussing...

Nathan: Mommy, Noah blah blah blah!

Me: I can't hear you... * continues with my shower*

More fussing...

Noah: Mommy, kor kor blah blah blah!

Me: I can't hear you... I am taking a shower.

A few moments later, silence. I am done with my shower. I came out and both of them have finished their bottles of milk and were playing nicely together. 

Me: Why was there so much noise just now.

Nathan: Noah wanted my Colin. I didn't give it to him. So he was fussing. In the end, I gave it to him, he held it for a short while, and returned it to me.

There! No intervention required.

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