Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where is it?

From the time Nathan could talk, he started asking questions. Many questions. I am okay with him asking me who questions, what questions, when questions and even how questions... but what really drives me up the wall... is when he asks me... "mommy, where is my xxx". xxx is usually a toy or a tiny thing attached to some part of his toy... He'd promptly get reprimanded whenever he asks such a question. I'd tell him that it is his responsibility to look after his toys, that he should keep his toys after playing with them, so he knows where to look for them when he wants to. He has learnt that I will not look for his missing toy for him. So, after a few of these episodes, he knows that he has to be responsible for keeping his own things. Although the house isn't always neat & tidy, it is an organised mess. We have designated places for things, and the boys kinda know where to keep their things.

So one day... we were getting ready to go out of the house...

Me: Nathan, did you see my car key? I think I misplaced it.

Nathan: Mommy, you can't find your key because you didn't keep it properly. You need to look after your own things. You can't find it now, because you didn't keep it just now. See, it's missing!

I was taken aback by his response...

Me: Can you just look around to see if the key is somewhere?

Nathan: No... I do not look for your missing key. I keep my toys properly so I know where to find them. You have to keep your car key properly so you know where to find it when you want it.

Sigh... at least I know that what I've been telling him isn't falling on deaf ears.

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