Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ready for Army?

Nathan's quite fascinated with the army... last year, we took him to the army open house. He got to see army tanks up close, dress up as an officer, see soldiers in their full battle gear...

Mini Officer
A very happy soldier
"Daddy, take a photo of me!"
Army tattoos

Recently, we let him watch Ah Boys to Men... then he kept asking us to sing one of the army songs over and over again. After 1 week, he finally knows the lyrics to this first verse by heart.

We showed him pictures of daddy when he was in BMT...

Deanaling at 18 years young

It seems that he's looking forward to his enlistment. But I am certainly not looking forward to having him grow up so soon.

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  1. Good that your boy is looking forward to enlistment. I sure hope this keeps up all the way! Positive men who strive to protect their loved ones and country are the most charming ones!

    And I hope to infect my boy with such enthusiasm when he's older! :D

    1. his daddy has a rather positive attitude with regards to NS. so it is really all his influence. :)

  2. I don't know how I'll manage when it's time for C to go into army. The hubs swears I'll be like Irene Ang in ah Boys to Men!! Hahaha

    1. MummyMOO, actually I can totally picture you as Irene Ang! :D I don't know how I'll manage too... but I'll work on it when the time comes. ;)