Friday, March 15, 2013

Home-made Clown Costume

The last day of term 1 is Spots & Dots Day in Nathan's school. The children were asked to come dressed in something spotty or dotty, and to be as creative as they can. Nathan decided that he wanted to dress up as a clown. I thought it was a brilliant idea... and my job was to help him create a clown costume.

Thankfully, I had all the materials required at home. I bought an extra plain yellow t-shirt when I was making Noah's birthday t-shirt. The Fox Outlet store at Anchorpoint carried plain t-shirts in several bright colours. I liked that there wasn't even a logo that I had to hide. The spots were stuck on using Heat n Bond Lite and sewn in place using a sewing machine. Since it was a clown costume, it didn't quite matter that the stitches were slightly crooked. Adds character! Also made suspenders and a bow tie out of red and white polka dotted fabric that I had in my stash.

The final result...

A smiley clown
A clown deep in thought
Hmm... my nose is a little too big
The clown's cousin Marissa
The clown and his chef friend 
The clown and his cousin
Nathan actually asked me to make spotty clown pants and to paint his face as well. Urm... I think we'll save that for another time. :P

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