Friday, February 15, 2013

Adventure Cove Waterpark

We brought the boys to Adventure Cove Waterpark over the CNY holidays and had a splashing good time!

Although Nathan and Noah were below the height requirement (at least 107cm) for many of the attractions, there was sufficient to do for kids their age.

The park opens at 10am and it is a good idea to arrive at opening time. Private cabanas that come with a shower and some seating area are available for $88 per day. If you do not want to pay for the private cabanas, there are public cabanas available for free, but you'll have to arrive early to "chope" seats. The area near the Seahorse Hideaway has several public cabanas with comfy bean bags, and it's a good area to "park" yourself for the day if you have young kids. It is near the four main attractions that are suitable for them, near the lockers (available for rent at $10 to $20 per day), near the ladies and kids' toilets, and the gents is just a short walk away. Shower facilities (no hot water showers though) are aplenty and we did not have to wait in line for a shower.

Noah who isn't usually too co-operative when it comes to donning helmets and life jackets surprised me when he let me put on his life jacket without fuss. When I was done with the buckles on his jacket, he declared, "handsome"! Life jackets are available at various locations throughout the park, and a life guard is within sight everywhere you swim. Looks like they've got all the safety procedures in place.

There were four attractions that were suitable for the boys:

1) Seahorse Hideaway - a shallow wading pool with small fountains. a safe place for the kids to splash around since the older/rowdier ones would usually not venture here. There are 11 cabanas available for complimentary use here.

2) Bluwater Bay - a wave pool where you get to ride the waves on a giant float. The waves are switched on at timed intervals. So if it is too choppy for the young ones, they can play near the waters edge and move further 'upshore' when the waves are turned on.

3) Adventure River - my boys' favourite. I like how an adult and a child can fit on one giant float together. and float down the river through 14 stunning scenes. We went through an underwater tunnel with fishes swimming above/around us, through a jungle garden, a dark cave...

4) Big Bucket Treehouse - this is much like the water playground at Port of Lost Wonder and the Singapore Zoo. Two slides sized just for kids and a giant bucket that tips over when it gets too full.

There's lots more for older kids and adults to do at the Waterpark... Like snorkel with fishes at the Rainbow Reef, get up-close and personal with sting rays, race down water slides and more!

We'll definitely be back soon, hopefully the boys will be tall enough for more attractions when we next visit. 

Side note:
If you'd like to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark, do consider getting the RWS Invites card. It gives you tickets to both the attractions, meal vouchers and free parking at RWS. A pretty good deal for $150.


  1. Ooh, this looks a lot better than Port of Lost Wonder, and at least the parents can take part in the fun.

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