Monday, January 7, 2013

A day in a life of a pre-schooler

Nathan started N2 last Friday. It was a familiar place for him since he attended playgroup in the same school last year. He still fits in the same uniform, so I suppose he didn't grow very much in the last year. 

I got to stay with him the first two days... so here's a peek of what goes on in school...

I'll be in Sunshine 1 this year!
Colouring a picture of himself
Making a flower out of plastic egg cartons
Snack time - biscuits & milo
For Show & Tell, the children were asked to bring a food/fruit. When I asked Nathan what he wanted to bring, he said he wanted to bring a coconut! That's one of the things he likes to drink/eat. Since we had to share the food/fruit with his friends after Show & Tell, and it'll be kinda difficult to share coconuts, I asked him to bring a kiwi fruit instead. :P

Show & Tell
The food/fruit that the children brought was put together, and they all got to choose what they wanted to eat. Note Nathan's choice - different types of biscuits/crackers which I hardly give up at home.

Enjoying the food brought by his friends
In between activities, the kids get some time for free play. Sometimes, they play by themselves... sometimes they play with their friends.

Building something by himself
Playing cashier with a friend
Toilet break...
A boys' toilet sized just for Nathan
Washing his hands
The kids got really excited when the teacher said it was time to go to the playground. They packed up real quick and stood in line, all ready to go!

Getting in line
Down the slide
Swinging like a monkey
Going 'home'
Looking thru a telescope

I am thankful that Nathan enjoys himself in school. :)

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