Monday, January 21, 2013

13 things to do in 2013

It is the start of the year, and I have in mind some things that I'd like to do this year. In no particular order...

1) Exercise. I hate running. So it'll either be swim or cycle or doing a group class. 

Swim - Now that we've moved out of our apartment, I'd probably have to swim at the uni pool. Have never done that before, and I don't really know whether I'll like it.

Cycle - Just got my old bike 'tuned up', and the park connector's not too far from our new place, making it pretty convenient. 

Group class - I attended an Extend Barre trial class at Upside Motion with my sister last year. I liked it and was keen on trying their Yoga Fly class before deciding on which one to sign up. But with the school holidays coming up then, I didn't get round to it. I like that they had classes on weekday mornings, which is the most ideal time for me to exercise. But joining a group class means having to spend more money, as opposed to swimming or cycling, which I do not need to spend money on. Oh well... just need to do something to tone up those muscles. Maybe twice a week for a start?

[managed to exercise at most once a week :(]

2) Pack. It's almost a year after we moved to our new place and we still have one messy room with boxes not unpacked. Most of the stuff belongs to Dean, but he has not time to unpack given his work schedule. Think I'll just devote about 1 hour a day to tidy up the room that's supposed to be a family / kids' play room.

[no more unsightly boxes even though the house in always in a state of organised mess]

3) Read. Other than reading stuff on social media, there are some books that I've been meaning to read, but never got down to it. Time to make a list, and probably read one book a month.

[still spending too much time on Facebook; read most of my news off my ipad while putting the kids to sleep]

4) Bible Study. Join a BS group and devote some time each day to the study of God's Word.

[joined a BSF group and it has helped me in the study of God's Word]

5) Photo wall. Do up one or two photo walls... the kids love looking at our own photos and recounting the experiences.

[got our family portraits up in our living room... that's about it]

6) Photo book. Do up a photo book of our HK trip last year and any holidays we will take this year

[still haven't found a good way to organise all the photos that we take]

7) Skill. Pick up a new skill or hone an old one.

[learnt to play the violin with Nathan... still lots to work on]

8) Business. Look at how to extend Mama Shoppe's reach and increase revenue.

[work in progress though I have not been able to devote much time to this]

9) Give. To look at how I can be giving back to the community.

[partnership with a women's shelter to produce a new clothing line]

10) Travel. Bring the kids on holidays that we'll all enjoy. Quality time as a family.
11) Nurture. To continue bringing up Nathan & Noah in the way of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6). More deliberate effort to in planning home learning activities especially for Nathan (who spends more time at home with me), reading to them, listing to them, talking to them.

12) Love. To continue nurturing our marriage. With Dean's long days at work, and me just tired out after another day as a SHM, very often, we just retreat in front of our respective screens (TV, ipad, computer) to unwind. It'll be nice to spend more time talking to each other rather than staring at our respective screens.

13) ?

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