Friday, December 7, 2012

Noah's 1st Dental Visit

Since Nathan was due for a dental visit, I decided to book an appointment for Noah too. Noah isn't all that cooperative when it comes to brushing his teeth, so I'm worried that he'd get a decay. His first dental visit went pretty well... 

While waiting for his turn... he hammers a few worms...

Looking into the mirror... notice Barney playing in the big tv above the dentist chair.

Not too keen about having the magic straw in his mouth :(

The dentist shows him what the magic straw does...

and he doesn't mind giving it a try... sucking water from a cup.

Lowering the chair

Looking rather uneasy while waiting for his teeth to be checked

It looks like Noah's teeth are all growing well... he's still waiting for the last 4 molars before he gets his entire baby set. I just got to get him less resistant to brushing his teeth. Yikes!

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