Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First holiday as a family of 4

It has been a week since we came back from our holiday to Hong Kong, and I'm still suffering from post-holiday blues. Ever since we came back, Nathan will say stuff like... "mommy, I miss Disneyland"... "mommy, I really liked Disneyland"... Evidently, Disneyland was the highlight of our trip to Hong Kong.

We planned/booked this trip rather late, and I'm glad that Dean managed to find a 5 day window to take time away from work. For him, it seems that there's never a good time to be away from work. I was also glad that it did not disrupt the other activities that I had already planned for Nathan / Noah for the school holidays since I still had not lined up any activities for these 5 days that we'll be in Hong Kong.

Noah came down with fever and wheezing cough a week before the holiday... and soon after, Nathan and I started coughing too. With all of us sick, I did not manage to do much reading up on the places that we were going to visit. Was planning to spend the few days before we flew off packing and planning our routes, but with Noah at home and me feeling drowsy from the cough syrup, I really wasn't up to doing any planning. Thankfully, all of us recovered in time for the trip, and we had a great time!

In the 5 days that we were in Hong Kong, we visited:
Noah's Ark
Ocean Park
Victoria Peak

Nathan and Noah were such great travellers. They hardly fussed the entire trip even when we had to spend time waiting or queueing up. They ate well, they slept well, and didn't give us much trouble on the plane... I think we're ready for another holiday real soon. :)

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