Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BB Share-a-Gift 2012

In recent times, Nathan will tell me that he has a certain toy, but not this other toy, this other toy and this other toy (usually the ones in the same series). Then he'd ask if I can buy the rest for him. I'd respond by telling him that it's okay not to have the entire set, and also tell him that if we spend too much money on toys, we will have to cut back in other areas. I am glad that Nathan's not one who will fuss when I say no to buying something he wants at a store. He accepts my reasoning and walks out of the store empty handed but not sulking.

I've been telling him that we are very blessed and have many reasons to be thankful. I also tell him about children who do not enjoy luxuries like he does, and about some who even go hungry. When I heard that the Boys' Brigade is still short of meeting their target for BB Share-a-Gift 2012, I decided to bring Nathan to NTUC Finest (Bukit Timah Plaza) to make our donation. I got him to help pick out some items that he thinks the children will like... and true to self, he chose items that he himself likes to eat.


Halal Canned Food

Ribena? Or Milo?

What about marcoroni?

We bought 4 of each item - one from daddy, one from mommy, one from Noah, one from Nathan

BB officers helping to unload

The donation drive ends tomorrow. So hop on down to the collection points to make your donations.

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