Monday, November 19, 2012

Visiting the Dentist

Nathan was due for his six monthly dental review, and he has been looking forward to this visit for a while. This is the second time he's going to the dentist and previously, he got to choose what cartoons he wanted to watch on the Mac that's mounted above the dentist chair. He also remembered bringing home a little present from the dentist's "Happy Box". Given that positive experience, he's been looking forward to this visit so he can bring home more presents. The first time round, he chose a Barney yoyo. This time around, he already decided that he was going to choose a Baby Bop yoyo for himself and a BJ one for me before the visit.

We arrived at the dentist and had to wait for a while even though we had an appointment. Nathan didn't seem to mind waiting and promptly went to the little play area to entertain himself. The nurse also offered to switch on the TV so he could watch cartoons. 

Although we had an appointment, we had to wait for about 30 minutes before we got to see the dentist.

Even though it wasn't his first visit, the dentist showed him all the equipment she was going to use, got him to touch some of them, and even allowed him to try his hand at some of them... he got to use the magic straw to suck water from a cup, pushed buttons to dispense water, and also got to ride in the dentist chair. I like that she spent time doing that because it got him used to the sounds that these gadgets made, so he wouldn't be too startled when she started using them later.

When asked what he wanted to watch on the screen, Nathan chose Madagascar...

After giving his teeth a quick check, she polished them... Check out the 'goggles' he's wearing...

Nathan sat thru the entire treatment and hardly fussed. At the end of the treatment, he got to choose 2 presents from the "Happy Box". His choice - a Baby Bop whistle and a rabbit badge.

If you are looking for a kid-friendly dentist, I do recommend this one that Nathan goes to. They have stuff to distract the kids and make dental visits less dreadful, and best part of all, their prices are pretty reasonable.

The dentist did not have any major concerns with regards to Nathan's dental health except for the fact that there's a gap between his two front teeth... which I believe is caused by him sucking his thumb. He only sucks his thumb when he sleeps, and this habit of his has helped him to sleep so well ever since he was a baby, so I never really thought it was necessary for him to kick the habit. The dentist wants him to quit sucking his thumb, so as not to affect his upper jaw development. Looks like we're going to face some challenge there. :( Any suggestions?


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  2. Which dentist is this? That goggles look awesome on your boy. My son fears strangers; (

    1. Hi Diana, thanks for dropping by. This is Sunshine Dental at Woodlands Civic Centre.