Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nathan's N1 Progress Report

It's 2 weeks to the end of the school year and Nathan received his "report book" yesterday. There is a developmental checklist in the report where the teachers indicate their observations of him in school. The checklist is divided into 3 broad categories: A) Physical Growth / Motor Development, B) Cognitive / Language Development, C) Social & Emotional Development.

In the first two areas, Nathan has demonstrated consistent ability. 

Here's what the teachers said about him in April this year...
Nathan has excellent gross and fine motor skills. He impresses us with his ability to handle gym equipment with ease. He is confident when he climbs up and down the equipment and when he walks steadily across the low beam. We are also impressed with the way he threads shapes with a shoe string and uses the scissors with ease.

In the area of Social & Emotional Development, the following can be further encouraged:
1) Says "please" and "thank you"
2) Demonstrate self control
3) Expresses feelings in an appropriate manner

Here's what they said about him now...
Nathan is very interested in the songs that we sing in class and we can see that he is focused when he follows the lyrics and actions as we sing the songs. He especially enjoys hearing his own voice after the recordings. He also likes to pretend that he is holding a microphone and sing into it. Nathan is playing and interacting more with his classmates during play.

Their observations are consistent with what we know of him at home too. He loves music and movement, and is able to remember song lyrics with ease. He doesn't always remember his Ps and Qs, and tends to fuss when he doesn't get his way.

I still remember being worried about him starting PNPG... how he'd adjust to a new setting, a new routine... I'm glad he's settled well, and enjoys school. I'm also thankful that he falls sick a lot less now, and has only missed one day of school this year because he was ill. I love having him run to me when I pick him up after school, and enjoy hearing him talk about school. In addition to the progress report, the school also made a year book that contains many photos of him going about the various activities in school... I love being able to see what he gets up to when he's at school... and he gets really excited pointing out himself and his friends in the book, and telling me what they were doing. Good job with N1, Nathan!

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