Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Will you marry me?

How did you boyfriend ask you to marry him? Did he spring a surprise on you? Or was it something you quite expected? Did you burst out laughing, or were you so touched that you cried? Following the love stories linky, I thought it'd be nice to share how your special someone asked you to marry him. For me, I'm penning this down for Nathan & Noah... both of whom will be keen to know how daddy proposed to mommy when they start dating themselves. 

It was our 7th anniversary. Dean came to pick me up after work, and he drove us to Telok Blangah Hill Park. That was where we had our first date. It being our anniversary, I didn't quite think that this was out of the ordinary, and wasn't expecting him to propose to me then. I presented him with a present I had gotten him for the occasion in the car, just as we reached Telok Blangah Hill Park. He had just started work, so I got him a tie which he could wear to work. He didn't give me anything in return... which is pretty normal... he hardly gets presents for me. :(

While we were walking to the top of the hill, he told me that he had tried making dinner reservations at Alkaff Mansion, but the phone line was engaged. Unknown to him, the restaurant had undergone a change in management, and had been closed for several months already.

I can't remember the details of what we spoke about between the time we got out of the car, and our walk up the hill... it was probably about work... how I was busy, and how his training at work was going on... we continued chatting on top of the hill, seated on a stone bench. Suddenly, he turned around, put his hand in his camera bag which he had beside him, and presented a little blue box! Then he said... "will you marry me". I was taken aback. I think I said something along the lines of... "are you serious"? Then I proceeded to open the box. It had gotten quite dark by then, and when I opened the blue box, I didn't see anything inside... so I thought he was playing a trick on me... subsequently, I realised that there was another black box inside the blue box... and inside that black box, was the shiniest diamond ring I've even seen. I cried tears of joy, we hugged, we prayed, and we took a few pictures to mark the moment. The pictures captured my red teary eyes, and is probably sitting in the recesses of his computer harddisk somewhere.

And since Alkaff Mansion was closed, we had dinner at Raffles City Preggos instead. There, we talked about the wedding, when it will likely be, possible wedding venues...

So there! My story of how he proposed... no elaborate planning from him, though he did spend a lot of time and effort choosing the ring, and also paid a lot for it... but going back to where it all began, and then sealing the promise in a prayer made the engagement extra special for me. So glad that I get to grow old with the one who's loved me ever since we were teenagers.

Will you marry me?


  1. Aww So nice! I find it so Beautiul that you both prayed at that moment. Am sure the kids are going to live up to that beautiful moment too when their time comes :)

    1. Hi Adora, thanks for dropping by! How about linking up your proposal story too? :)