Friday, October 19, 2012

This Mama Loves Manduca Baby Carriers

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This week, Leonny who blogs at Our Everyday Things shares with us her love for Manduca Baby Carriers. Leonny is a happy mommy of three: a big girl named Anya, a big boy named Val, and a baby named Brie.


As we all know, there are quite a few carriers available in the market, but there are only a handful of good and of high quality ones. This, in my opinion, is one I can happily recommend to others =)

Manduca Baby Carrier

Here's more about it : 

 - It can be used from birth 

 - Baby can be carried on your back, side or front! I tried carrying Brie on my back and my front so far! =) 

When I was checking out different booths at a recent event (and I very well knew Brie was alert and was not at all sleepy), I carried her on my back so I had a 'free front' allowing me to chat with people more conveniently (and I moved her to my front when she's sleepy). 

 - It has an extendable head support and also a sunshade, which is easier than trying to keep a hat on your the baby 

 - The weight of the baby is supported by the waist, not much strain on the back

Note: When carrying Brie on my back, it does feel like carrying a backpack =) And if I'm going off hiking or something, I'm definitely carrying Brie on my back with this carrier, ie. free up my hands and my 'frontal view' too. 

 - The straps around the waist and back can be adjusted easily to fit small and large framed adults 

 - The buckle around the waist has an added security where you don't just undo the buckle, but you also need to 'press' one part of the buckle at the same time to release the clasp. (note: at first it took me quite a while to get the hip buckle off. By now, 70% of the time I can do it with just one hand *yay*) 

 - Not bulky! I can easily 'fold' the carrier and put it under my pram. More convenient to bring out and use when I'm alone with just the 3 kids. 


The features that I hope can be better : 

 - The clip. When I'm putting the carrier on, so far I still need someone's help to put the clip on (in the photo where I carried Brie on my front, there's a clip on my back that connects the two shoulder straps). May be I'm just not used to putting it on all on my own like other moms yet =) 

 - I do hope there's a small pocket somewhere so I can put my keys or something, just for that extra convenience when traveling light with a baby =) 


More info on Manduca baby Carrier: 
 - Can be used to accommodate babies from 3.5kg to 20kg. 
- 100% certified organic cotton against baby’s skin, with outer layer organic cotton/hemp mix, and is known as Germany’s number one baby carrier. 
 - The back and neck has a support that can be extended as baby grows 
 - Choice of colours in standard models (organic cotton/hemp mix) ... like mine! 
 - Designer Limited Edition prints in 100% organic cotton


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This review is jointly sponsored by Manduca Baby Carrier Singapore and Mama Shoppe.

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