Sunday, October 21, 2012

I want to be an office man

We were reading Dr Maisy before bedtime today...

Me: Nathan, do you want to be a doctor when you grow up?
Nathan: No. I want to be an office man.
Me: An office man? You mean you want to be like daddy... Work in an office?
Nathan: No. Daddy is an IBM man. I want to be an office man.

I was quite puzzled about what he thought an 'office man' was.

Me: So, what will you be doing as an office man?
Nathan: I will be giving out hats!
Me: Hats? Why?
Nathan: Yes. I will give everyone a hat...

Now, I am more puzzled than before...

Me: Where did you see that? Where did you see an office man giving out hats?
Nathan: In my school!

Then it dawned upon me that several months back, I had taken him to his school's General Office to buy a school hat, and the lady at the office had given him one after I had paid for it. I have no idea why that visit that lasted less than 5 minutes left an impression on him... And caused him to decide that he like would like to be an office man when he grows up. He had talked about being an office man for a while, and all along, I thought he was just thinking about being like daddy. Looks like he has other ideas.

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