Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cardboard Car

Nathan and I made a car out of cardboard a few days ago... 

With a cardboard box, construction paper, lots of glue and scotch tape, a rafia string... some inspiration, and some creativity, here's our final product.

With the driver... the helmet is Nathan's idea... he was watching the F1 races on TV, and learnt that F1 drivers wear helmets... so he insisted that I helped him put on his bicycle helmet.

The car tilts forward no matter how I adjust it because it is front heavy. There's even a steering wheel which I made from the cover of a milk powder tin!

And this morning, he drove himself to school...

Have you heard of Caine's Arcade? A 9 year old boy actually made a whole arcade out of cardboard. Very impressive! I haven't showed Nathan the cardboard arcade just yet... not till he's older and can do most of the construction himself. :)

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