Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When I fall in love... It will be forever...

Dean was packing our stuff a few days ago, and he found this...

That's us when we were about 10 years old. We didn't know each other then... it's a 'photoshopped' image that we used for our wedding invite.

So where did we meet and how did it all start?

We first met when we were 17, at ACJC Christian Fellowship... we were helping out during Council Investiture... I found him rather charming... but we did not get together until more than a year later. 

I can't recall too clearly our first date one-on-one... I think it was Valentine's Day... he came to pick me up in a cab and we had dinner at a coffee shop. Thereafter, we went to Telok Blangah Hill Park, where we chatted under the moonlight. I kinda think it was Valentine's Day cos there were many other couples there and I recall seeing one trying to light candles on a cake and blow it out before the wind got to it. But for us, we were just checking each other out... not a couple as yet.

I still remember the warm fuzzy feeling when we first held hands... this was when we were on a bus somewhere in City Hall... one of his fingers got stung by a bee a few days back, so he was just showing me his swollen finger... and somehow, our hands just slipped together and there... the very first time we held hands... discretely.

And the first time we kissed... that's the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. 19 Jul 1998 :)

I didn't quite like the initial bit when we were still checking each other out... and when I had to wonder if he liked me like how I liked him. I hate uncertainties. We chatted over ICQ quite a bit... I still remember being delighted when I heard the "uh oh!" and it was him sending me a message. :)

This photo of us was taken during our JC prom, when we were only 18.
The intial years were rather bumpy... we were going through many transitions in a short span of time... after we left junior college, he went to the army, and I started university. We only saw each other during weekends, and hardly spoke during the week. He'd call when he had free time at night... and we'd chat for a bit. I remember how I'd be so disappointed with myself when I missed his phone calls for one reason or other. Then subsequently, he started uni, and soon after I entered the working world, 2 years ahead of him. I was also away for almost a year, pursuing my Masters in the US.

I suppose I am glad that he was around to go thru all these transitions with me... the song we chose to play during prayer time at our wedding ceremony was Hillsongs' Through It All, and the words "you are forever in my life, you see me through the seasons", had added meaning for us.

He asked me to marry him on our 7th anniversary... a full 7 years after it became official that we were dating. Then 2 years after that, we got married on 7 July 2007.

So there... our love story. :) 


  1. Wah what a long journey together! Btw, while u were getting married on 7th July 2007, I was getting proposed to! ;P

    1. Hi Madeline... what a coincidence... we kinda booked the date 2 years in advance cos I was going to be away for a year between the time he proposed and us getting married... then it turned out to be a super popular date because it was auspicious in the Chinese calendar too... as we later found out. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Lovely! We also dated for 9 years before we got married. Similar transition from the moment hb entered army and when I studied overseas, he wrote me lots of letters because we have to rush through all overseas calls :)

    Wow! fond memories flowed back! thanks for sharing :)


    1. I thought the army bit and the overseas bit were difficult... and those days... no Facebook or Facetime... Skype chat was laggy, and I had to be home in front of the computer to chat... kinda glad that we're past that phase now. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Bumpy it might be but the distance and time being away from each other did not stop both of you staying together! Lovely love story :)

    1. I suppose it made us appreciate one another more. :)

  4. Happy anniversary..
    We got married on 7/7/7 too.