Thursday, September 20, 2012

Play Doh

I never really fancied plasticine as a kid... it leaves your hands feeling yucky, and the table ends up sticky, and plasticine bits will fall all over the floor. As such, I never really played with plasticine when I was growing up. Then play dough came along... I never had a play dough set, and never wanted one. And for the same reasons, I never got play dough for my sons. BUT, a small tub of play dough ended up in one of those goody bags that Nathan brought home from school a few months back. The day he brought it home, I let him play with it once, then hid it in a corner of his drawer, where he won't be able to access it. So he hasn't played with it for quite a while.

Yesterday, his cousin happened to mention play dough over lunch, and there... memory rekindled. He bugged me to help him look for that tiny tub of play dough... I tried to distract him with other toys, but it didn't work. He insisted on looking for that tub of play dough. Finally, I said... "how about you choose one of your birthday presents... and we'll open it"... his eyes lit up, and he stopped bugging me to look for that tub of play dough. He choose one present (and could even remember that it was a present from Caitlyn), and before he opened it, I reminded him that we were not going to look for that tub of play dough this afternoon. No play dough. He agreed. So we proceeded to open the present... and this was what we found underneath the Toysrus wrapper...

Needless to say, he was thrilled! I just couldn't help but laugh when I saw what was under the wrapper. 


  1. Haha!!! That is so funny! I can image how you must have felt! ;p I'm not a big fan of play dough too but I must say it's good for kids' fine motor skills and textures. Zoey loves it. Here we have something else called moon dough which is also very messy! Are you gonna hide this set? :)

    1. i was surprised that play doh doesn't feel so icky... maybe because it is new... or maybe they've improved the 'mixture'... but there are still many tiny bits that will drop on the floor... :( he loves it so much, he's been asking to play with it everyday. hiding it isn't an option... :P