Friday, August 31, 2012

This Mama Loves Perfect Mum's Nursing Bras

Every Friday, we will be sharing products / gadgets / websites / books & other cool stuff that mamas love. These things have made parenting a teeny bit easier in some way or other. Check back every week to see what fellow mums have to recommend... from one mama to another. :)

This week, Angie who blogs at Simply Mommie shares with us her love for Perfect Mum's Nursing Bras. Angie is a stay home mom to two wonderful children who love to test her patience on a daily basis. She loves cooking and doing home learning activities with her children and is always wishing that she has more time on her hands.  


No, I am not going to take pictures of my bras or me modeling them :P You just have to trust me on this when I say that Perfect Mum’s wireless nursing bras are the most comfortable and affordable nursing bras! While they do not score high in aesthetic design – no colourful stripes or pretty little flower designs and don’t even start on lace – these nursing bras have been my faithful companion since I was 4 months pregnant with my first child in 2008. These nursing bras also double up as maternity bras so you can start wearing them when you are pregnant and no longer fit into your pre-pregnancy bras. 

These bras cost about 4 for almost S$90 and no further discounts will be given even if you are a VIP card holder. The bras come with the nursing clip at the top and when unclipped, expose only the nipple for breastfeeding instead of the entire boob – something which I personally prefer. They come only in 2 colours – beige or black. I have worn these day in day out for the past 4 years+ and I’d say even if you stop breastfeeding, you can always still wear these as night bras because they are sooo soft and comfortable! 

I frequent the branch at Suntec City (#03-019) so if you are in the vicinity, do check these bras out if you are breastfeeding or intending to breastfeed! 

Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. Hey! I was been introduced to the same place for the same bra! Agree that nothing is fanciful about these bras but they are especially comfortable when sleeping. I bought the ones with wires too! Those were only wore when my girl needs to nurse when we were out.

  2. I was looking for a comfortable, breathable bra for everyday use. Playtex 18 hour bras are good. Gives good support with flexibility. Best of all.