Friday, August 24, 2012

This Mama Loves Calibowls

Every Friday, we will be sharing products / gadgets / websites / books & other cool stuff that mamas love. These things have made parenting a teeny bit easier in some way or other. Check back every week to see what fellow mums have to recommend... from one mama to another. :)

This week, Karen who blogs at Simply Little Kids shares with us her love for Calibowls. Karen is a newly minted Stay At Home Mum to her 3 year old daughter and 18 months old son. She is excited about her new role and eager to explore anything that revolves around little kids.  


Having gone through and still going through the self feeding stages for both kids, I find the process extremely messy. But what is self-feeding without mess? Any object that can help prevent spillage or wastage is a thankful invention to me. I've been hearing raves and good reviews about the Calibowl, and so, decided to buy one. The non-spill, smart lip bowls seemed like the perfect find. Its innovative curved inner-lip guides food back into the bowls or spoon, eliminating spills and creating better food control. 


The Calibowl is made of BPA-free, non-toxic materials, and hails from the USA. Seldom do we find items off shelves that are made in USA these days. Being made of food grade polypropylene, it is safe for our hot soupy dishes. It comes in many different colours, and I bought green for my little ones. Could help soothe their eyes while eating and remind them of eating their greens. 

Breakfast in the Calibowl

At least, for now, it's my new found love bowl.


  1. What's that cute hello kitty shaped item? Is that available from the stores?

  2. Hi sophiastory, it's bread that I shaped out of hello kitty moulds. I got it from an online store.

  3. R u selling this calibowl? Only this type or you hav another type? Thanks

    1. Hi Margaretta, I am not selling this calibowl. It is available at major department stores and baby speciality shops like Mothercare.