Friday, August 17, 2012

Introducing... This Mama Loves.

In my journey as a mother the last 2+ years, I have benefited much from fellow moms who've shared with me about what products/gadgets/gizmos has worked for them, which books are good reads, which sites are informative, which ipad apps are good distractions, where to get chinese books and good home schooling materials... From the time I was expecting my son, to the time I was about to deliver, from breast feeding, sleeping training, potty training, to nursing a bruise / a gassy tummy / to a chesty cough, from setting boundaries, to keeping them entertained, from teaching phonics, learning chinese, to even the most mundane things like getting them to colour within the lines! I loved to hear what other parents have gone thru, what has worked for them (yu yee oil & vicks baby rub!), what products they've found useful (baby cubes for spliting food into baby sized portions), to what was totally useless (nursing covers without a firm neckline or walking wings), activities that they planned for the kids, best places to buy ???... Be it tried and tested age old remedies, to the latest must have gadget for the modern mums, best places to buy animal costumes to all black shoes, most effective means to rid mosquitos or soothe bites... it's great to hear first hand from a mommy who has tried and tested it, from one mama to another mama. 

Hence, the birth of "This Mama Loves". Check back every Friday to see recommendations from myself and fellow mums who'll be guest blogging. Follow us Facebook or opt to receive our updates via email by clicking the link on my sidebar.

Unless otherwise stated, the writers do not receive compensation in any form for their recommendations. We'll be sharing stuff that we've tried and tested, and you can expect our honest opinions. :) Leave me a comment if there are products you love and would like to recommend to other mums as well... like you, I only want the best for my babies!

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