Friday, August 24, 2012

Cycling at East Coast Park

I saw these family bicycles when I brought Nathan and his Strider to East Coast Park not too long ago, and decided that I had to come back here again to try this out since Noah is now old enough. So we woke up bright and early last Saturday, and made our way here.

The husband wasn't all too keen initially, but I'm glad he finally agreed to do something different. After a quick breakfast at Burger King, we rented the bike, and got going. Nathan was all excited and ready to go, but Noah didn't want to get on the bike initially.

We enjoyed the sea breeze, chatted, looked out for dogs & birds (Noah gets really excited when he sees these and will point them out promptly), and for that 1 hour, we just took things slowly. It was nice.

The bike we rented were for 2 adults and 2 kids. There were belts to strap the kids in, so they are more or less secure. 

As we were nearing the end of the hour...
Nathan: I'm so tired!
Daddy: Why are you tired? I am the one who has been cycling!
Nathan: Because I have to hold the handlebar, sit straight and look in front... (which we kept reminding him to do, cos he kept wanting to turn back to ring the bell).
Daddy: I've been cycling for the last hour. I'm the one who should be tired.
Nathan: Let's come back again next week!

I thought it was a lovely way to spend the morning by the beach.

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