Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love Singapore

In celebration of our Singapore's 47th birthday, just thought I'd count my blessings and make a list of what I love about this nation that I call home.

1) The food! Rojak (with only you tiao), bak chor mee, carrot cake (black), hokkien prawn mee, soon kueh, sambal stingray, satay, curry chicken, chicken wings, laksa, beef noodles, lotus pork rib soup, assam fish head... these are among my favourites. I like how easy it is to get good and cheap food, anyday, anytime.

2) The cleanliness! That we pay attention to cleanliness, and we can easily find dustbins. Something I often take for granted until I'm not in Singapore... rubbish in hand, and walking half a mile with no dustbins in sight.

3) The no smoking almost everywhere rule. I like that people who choose to smoke have to smoke at designated areas so that those who do not, do not have to be passive smokers. Again, something I take for granted until I'm not in Singapore...

4) The efficiency. I like that we are generally efficient at almost everything. Submitted Noah's passport application on a Saturday afternoon recently, and got an email on Monday morning saying that it'll be ready for collection in 3 days time. Made an appointment online, and although the SIR was so super crowded on a Saturday morning, we were in and out of there in under 15 minutes!

5) The safety. That it is generally safe to roam the streets at night.

6) The weather. I guess I like how it is so predictable and that it is sunny all year round... though at times I do wish it was less humid. I am thankful that we do not face natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis.

7) The late night shopping... not that I usually shop at night, but I like the idea that shops are still open past 5pm, and you have the option of doing last minute grocery shopping if you really need to.

8) The trees that line our roads. I love how the instant trees provide shade and turn our concrete jungle into a garden city.

9) The well-maintained roads, buildings, and other public areas. That there are no pot holes in the roads, that the playgrounds are well maintained and thus generally safe for even young kids, the staircases do not have loose tiles, the building windows are intact and air conditioning working... again, something I take for granted until I'm out of the country.

10) The familiarity. Having grown up here, I like how everything is so familiar, and yet changing so rapidly. Our skyline has changed so much in the last 10 years, but the familiar nooks and crannies still remain. My family lives here, and this is the place I will call home.

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