Friday, August 31, 2012

This Mama Loves Perfect Mum's Nursing Bras

Every Friday, we will be sharing products / gadgets / websites / books & other cool stuff that mamas love. These things have made parenting a teeny bit easier in some way or other. Check back every week to see what fellow mums have to recommend... from one mama to another. :)

This week, Angie who blogs at Simply Mommie shares with us her love for Perfect Mum's Nursing Bras. Angie is a stay home mom to two wonderful children who love to test her patience on a daily basis. She loves cooking and doing home learning activities with her children and is always wishing that she has more time on her hands.  


No, I am not going to take pictures of my bras or me modeling them :P You just have to trust me on this when I say that Perfect Mum’s wireless nursing bras are the most comfortable and affordable nursing bras! While they do not score high in aesthetic design – no colourful stripes or pretty little flower designs and don’t even start on lace – these nursing bras have been my faithful companion since I was 4 months pregnant with my first child in 2008. These nursing bras also double up as maternity bras so you can start wearing them when you are pregnant and no longer fit into your pre-pregnancy bras. 

These bras cost about 4 for almost S$90 and no further discounts will be given even if you are a VIP card holder. The bras come with the nursing clip at the top and when unclipped, expose only the nipple for breastfeeding instead of the entire boob – something which I personally prefer. They come only in 2 colours – beige or black. I have worn these day in day out for the past 4 years+ and I’d say even if you stop breastfeeding, you can always still wear these as night bras because they are sooo soft and comfortable! 

I frequent the branch at Suntec City (#03-019) so if you are in the vicinity, do check these bras out if you are breastfeeding or intending to breastfeed! 

Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Friday, August 24, 2012

He ain't heavy... he's my brother.

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this... 

Nathan was having some difficulty moving the tricycle on the grass. Noah came and helped push him along without any prompting. Sweet!

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Cycling at East Coast Park

I saw these family bicycles when I brought Nathan and his Strider to East Coast Park not too long ago, and decided that I had to come back here again to try this out since Noah is now old enough. So we woke up bright and early last Saturday, and made our way here.

The husband wasn't all too keen initially, but I'm glad he finally agreed to do something different. After a quick breakfast at Burger King, we rented the bike, and got going. Nathan was all excited and ready to go, but Noah didn't want to get on the bike initially.

We enjoyed the sea breeze, chatted, looked out for dogs & birds (Noah gets really excited when he sees these and will point them out promptly), and for that 1 hour, we just took things slowly. It was nice.

The bike we rented were for 2 adults and 2 kids. There were belts to strap the kids in, so they are more or less secure. 

As we were nearing the end of the hour...
Nathan: I'm so tired!
Daddy: Why are you tired? I am the one who has been cycling!
Nathan: Because I have to hold the handlebar, sit straight and look in front... (which we kept reminding him to do, cos he kept wanting to turn back to ring the bell).
Daddy: I've been cycling for the last hour. I'm the one who should be tired.
Nathan: Let's come back again next week!

I thought it was a lovely way to spend the morning by the beach.

This Mama Loves Calibowls

Every Friday, we will be sharing products / gadgets / websites / books & other cool stuff that mamas love. These things have made parenting a teeny bit easier in some way or other. Check back every week to see what fellow mums have to recommend... from one mama to another. :)

This week, Karen who blogs at Simply Little Kids shares with us her love for Calibowls. Karen is a newly minted Stay At Home Mum to her 3 year old daughter and 18 months old son. She is excited about her new role and eager to explore anything that revolves around little kids.  


Having gone through and still going through the self feeding stages for both kids, I find the process extremely messy. But what is self-feeding without mess? Any object that can help prevent spillage or wastage is a thankful invention to me. I've been hearing raves and good reviews about the Calibowl, and so, decided to buy one. The non-spill, smart lip bowls seemed like the perfect find. Its innovative curved inner-lip guides food back into the bowls or spoon, eliminating spills and creating better food control. 


The Calibowl is made of BPA-free, non-toxic materials, and hails from the USA. Seldom do we find items off shelves that are made in USA these days. Being made of food grade polypropylene, it is safe for our hot soupy dishes. It comes in many different colours, and I bought green for my little ones. Could help soothe their eyes while eating and remind them of eating their greens. 

Breakfast in the Calibowl

At least, for now, it's my new found love bowl.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Introducing... This Mama Loves.

In my journey as a mother the last 2+ years, I have benefited much from fellow moms who've shared with me about what products/gadgets/gizmos has worked for them, which books are good reads, which sites are informative, which ipad apps are good distractions, where to get chinese books and good home schooling materials... From the time I was expecting my son, to the time I was about to deliver, from breast feeding, sleeping training, potty training, to nursing a bruise / a gassy tummy / to a chesty cough, from setting boundaries, to keeping them entertained, from teaching phonics, learning chinese, to even the most mundane things like getting them to colour within the lines! I loved to hear what other parents have gone thru, what has worked for them (yu yee oil & vicks baby rub!), what products they've found useful (baby cubes for spliting food into baby sized portions), to what was totally useless (nursing covers without a firm neckline or walking wings), activities that they planned for the kids, best places to buy ???... Be it tried and tested age old remedies, to the latest must have gadget for the modern mums, best places to buy animal costumes to all black shoes, most effective means to rid mosquitos or soothe bites... it's great to hear first hand from a mommy who has tried and tested it, from one mama to another mama. 

Hence, the birth of "This Mama Loves". Check back every Friday to see recommendations from myself and fellow mums who'll be guest blogging. Follow us Facebook or opt to receive our updates via email by clicking the link on my sidebar.

Unless otherwise stated, the writers do not receive compensation in any form for their recommendations. We'll be sharing stuff that we've tried and tested, and you can expect our honest opinions. :) Leave me a comment if there are products you love and would like to recommend to other mums as well... like you, I only want the best for my babies!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mommy, take a photo of me!

I always had trouble taking photos of my boys looking at the camera, especially when I want both of them in the photo at the same time. They keep still for a just a micro-second, usually not long enough for me to snap. Check out my attempts for daddy's present sometime back... thankfully, daddy really liked the final one I chose.

Given that, I was pleasantly surprised when Nathan decided to stand beside all these cows outside Marche, and got me to take photos of him with the cows... Model in the making?

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This mama is thankful for all her boys

Such a busy busy day, but thought I'd just pause and give thanks for life's LITTLE blessings...

I am thankful for Dean, who's having a super busy week having to juggle both reservist and regular work. Last weekend, he gave me his Canon EOS 600D. Yay! Now, I can take nicer pics... but first, I need to find a dummies guide to DSLRs... or better yet, a dummies guide to Canon EOS 600D. Any recommendations?

I am thankful for Nathan. He's the one I get to spend most time with everyday, and it is such joy to watch him grow day by day. He loves to read (or rather having mommy read to him), and he has an amazing memory. The day after National Day was a school holiday... I loaded his Strider in my boot, and we went cycling at East Coast Park. He's much better on the balance bike now (despite the lack of practice cos mommy's too lazy to take him to the park) and we enjoyed a nice morning at the beach. He's been inviting his friends to his birthday party, even though I haven't quite gotten round to planning it. Gosh! He's growing up so fast. His favourite songs this month are the Singapore songs, and in particular, the National Anthem. He's been making me play the same Singapore songs CD in the car over and over again.

I am thankful for Noah. I love how he's so chubby, always ready to flash me a smile. I love his chuckles, and I love how he's always so excited to see me when I pick him up from school. I am thankful that he sleeps well at night (mostly) so I can also rest well. At 17 months, Noah has started to talk. His says things like "dog dog, bird bird, this, take, shoes, round and round..." and also "daddy" and "mommy" (though not as often). I am thankful that he loves to eat, and is so easy to feed.

Love them all!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Conversations with Nathan

Nathan was playing pretend... 

Sitting in his bed, pretending that it is a boat, and using his toy golf club to row his 'boat'... 

Halfway thru, he asked me to read him the story of Jonah. So I did. After we finished the story, he continued rowing his boat...

Me: Where are you rowing to? Are you going to Nineveh?

Nathan: No. I am not Jonah. I am rowing to Vivocity... To buy popcorn. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore!

We went to visit all the Pledge installations after they've moved them to Marina Bay. I thought it was meaningful to think about which line of the Pledge one likes best. For me, I think it has to be the very first line. What about you?

Happy Birthday Singapore!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love Singapore

In celebration of our Singapore's 47th birthday, just thought I'd count my blessings and make a list of what I love about this nation that I call home.

1) The food! Rojak (with only you tiao), bak chor mee, carrot cake (black), hokkien prawn mee, soon kueh, sambal stingray, satay, curry chicken, chicken wings, laksa, beef noodles, lotus pork rib soup, assam fish head... these are among my favourites. I like how easy it is to get good and cheap food, anyday, anytime.

2) The cleanliness! That we pay attention to cleanliness, and we can easily find dustbins. Something I often take for granted until I'm not in Singapore... rubbish in hand, and walking half a mile with no dustbins in sight.

3) The no smoking almost everywhere rule. I like that people who choose to smoke have to smoke at designated areas so that those who do not, do not have to be passive smokers. Again, something I take for granted until I'm not in Singapore...

4) The efficiency. I like that we are generally efficient at almost everything. Submitted Noah's passport application on a Saturday afternoon recently, and got an email on Monday morning saying that it'll be ready for collection in 3 days time. Made an appointment online, and although the SIR was so super crowded on a Saturday morning, we were in and out of there in under 15 minutes!

5) The safety. That it is generally safe to roam the streets at night.

6) The weather. I guess I like how it is so predictable and that it is sunny all year round... though at times I do wish it was less humid. I am thankful that we do not face natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis.

7) The late night shopping... not that I usually shop at night, but I like the idea that shops are still open past 5pm, and you have the option of doing last minute grocery shopping if you really need to.

8) The trees that line our roads. I love how the instant trees provide shade and turn our concrete jungle into a garden city.

9) The well-maintained roads, buildings, and other public areas. That there are no pot holes in the roads, that the playgrounds are well maintained and thus generally safe for even young kids, the staircases do not have loose tiles, the building windows are intact and air conditioning working... again, something I take for granted until I'm out of the country.

10) The familiarity. Having grown up here, I like how everything is so familiar, and yet changing so rapidly. Our skyline has changed so much in the last 10 years, but the familiar nooks and crannies still remain. My family lives here, and this is the place I will call home.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Saying Sorry

There was an article in the Sunday Times 2 weeks back that touched on the topic of saying sorry. Do you or your kids have problems saying sorry sometimes?

I went to pick Nathan up from school one day... Instead of having him run to me as he usually does, he was sitting on the floor in his classroom, staring at an open book in front of him, and when he saw me, he burst into tears.

From his teacher, I learnt that he had a fight with one of his classmates. He tore a drawing that his classmate Isaac brought from home. Isaac got mad, and beat him. When they were asked to apologize to each other, both refused, and started to cry.

So that night, just before he went to bed, we talked about what had happened...
Me: Nathan, what happened in school today? Why were you crying?
Nathan: I tore Isaac's drawing... and Isaac beat me.
Me: Oh... why did you tear Isaac's drawing?
Nathan: - no answer -
Me: What was on Isaac's paper?
Nathan: A lion. His daddy drew it for him.
Me: Oh... was it nice?
Nathan: Yes.
Me: So why did you tear Issac's paper? Was it a nice thing to do?
Nathan: No.
Me: It was not right of you to tear Isaac's drawing. You know that?
Nathan: Yes. I cannot tear Isaac's paper.
Me: Shall we draw another lion for Isaac? Then you can give it to him when you see him in school on Monday?
Nathan: OK. Let's draw. Let's draw a lion mask.
Me: A mask? Good idea. We'll do it tomorrow. Then you will bring it to school and give it to Isaac. And then you have to say sorry when you give it to him. OK?
Nathan: OK.

So that night, he said sorry to God for being naughty, and for tearing Isaac's drawing.

The next morning, we started working on the mask.

Halfway through making the mask, he decided that he wanted to keep it for himself instead of giving it to Isaac. I was half expecting him to say that, so I had already drawn out two outlines for him to paint. He was glad when I said we'll make two, so he can give one to Isaac and keep one for himself.

We wrote a note at the back of the mask, and I reminded him to say sorry when he gave the mask to Isaac.

The completed mask...

He was really excited when Monday came around... and he brought both the masks to school. In the car, on the way to school...

Me: Nathan, what do you have to say to Isaac when you give the mask to him?
Nathan: I have to say sorry.
Me: Yes. Do say sorry that you tore his drawing... and you can ask him if he likes this one you made for him.

And that day, when I picked him up from school...
Me: Nathan, did you give Isaac the mask?
Nathan: Yes. Isaac likes it.
Me: Did you say sorry?
Nathan: No. I didn't.

For some reason, Nathan didn't want to apologize to Isaac this time around. Most times, when he does something wrong, he'd apologize. I have no idea why he didn't want to this time. Maybe it was a case where he felt he wasn't entirely in the wrong... I've been guilty of not wanting to apologize or not wanting to be the first to apologize too. That's usually when I feel that I've done lesser wrong. That's when I need to heed Ephesians 4:26, "in your anger do not sin, do not let the sun go down while you are still angry".