Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's Go to the Zoo!

I was looking for materials to teach Nathan phonics, and was really glad when I found Julia Gabriel's Alphabet Zoo. The songs are catchy, the book is well illustrated, and Nathan loves everything about it. He's been asking to listen to 'the animal song' EVERYTIME we get in the car. I think we must have listened to it about 5000 times now. He knows a good chunk of the lyrics by heart, and can also remember quite a few of the animal sounds. He's also been asking to go see the animals at the zoo, but I just didn't get round to bringing him to the zoo.
A few days ago, Nathan was with me when I went to drop Noah off at the daycare. He saw some of his old friends getting ready to go on an excursion to the zoo. Nathan loves excursions - riding on a bus, and going on an outing with his friends. Well, this time, he didn't get to go since he doesn't attend that daycare anymore. So, he decided... 'let's go tomorrow'... 'mommy, daddy and Noah will go on the bus with me, and we'll go to the zoo'! And we did... just that we didn't go by bus.
The zoo is a lot more fun now that both the boys are older. They are excited about seeing the different animals, and are able to sit through the animal shows. Nathan got to ride on a pony now that he's 2... and several days after our trip, he still talks about his pony ride. Since Noah wasn't old enough for the pony, I bought a ticket for him to ride the Wild Animal Carousel. He enjoyed it so much that he cried when it ended!
If only Singapore was less hot / humid... then we wouldn't be all hot and sweaty after a day out at the zoo. :) We'll visit again soon... maybe when the River Safari is ready in the later half of this year.
Zoo Collage

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